Phit Living is a platform that brings you resources, products and services designed to help you reach your goals and improve your health, your eating habits, and your way of living with a plant based lifestyle.


Because we're about creating a PLANT BASED way of living which allows you to THRIVE whilst doing what you love!

It's about having an enjoyable, long lasting and sustainable lifestyle that helps you easily reach your goals to becoming the best and healthiest YOU possible, all by simply eating more plants! 

A "phit life" is of course a healthy life, and such a life involves us fuelling and nourishing our bodies with a vibrant and balanced diet, moving in a functional, mobile and natural way and having supportive lifestyle habits! It involves us treading lightly, whilst living and loving in a human way within our environment and culture! 

Through our work, products, and services, our mission is to raise awareness of the incredible benefits and impacts that a plant based lifestyle can have, not only on our own health, but also on the planet and all the life that exists alongside us. Our aim is to have a healthier, greener and more compassionate world for everyone to live in.

So let's live to thrive and not just survive!


New to a plant based diet or just wanting to expand your knowledge of healthy living and eating?

Well you have come to the right place. We offer valuable free and exclusive content for everyone, no matter how far you are on your foodie journey.

We are strong believers of having simple, actionable and relatable content around veganism and healthy living online, which is why we took it upon ourselves to create it!


Through our website and work, we want to show you how easy, fun and life changing such a lifestyle can be by proving you with tips, guides, freebies and recipes all centred around healthy plant based living.

Most importantly, we want to make sure you are enjoying the process and journey to living a healthier and happier lifestyle, and that is exactly what our content aims to do. 

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Want to conveniently increase your protein intake and add superfoods to your life? We highly recommend Vivo Life.

They're a highly ethical award winning supplement and superfood brand, with a mission to make 100% plant based health, fitness and lifestyle products that help you look and feel awesome without costing the earth. 

Overpriced and ineffective supplements packed with fillers, binders and artificial ingredients are a thing of the past. This is the new generation of real, plant based nutrition. 

We support what they do and are honoured to be part of the team!



Co-founded by Philip, Liquid Gold is a tahini brand with a mission to reclaim the ancient magic of authentic, Lebanese tahini and share it with the whole world for everyone to enjoy. 

The ancient art of tahini making is a time-honoured practice that dates back through centuries of tradition. Originally tahini was reserved only for the wealthy and in some cultures was considered so valuable it was traded as currency, hence the name! 

As lovers of tahini ourselves, we had no choice but to provide you with the best, silky smooth tahini for you to enjoy! 




Your tranquil personality and kind words throughout made it easy for me to get motivated and inspired by your delicious and healthy dishes and breakfast bowls. I have had unhealthy eating habits in the past, and now I have improved my health, I look a whole lot better and I feel better, so thank you. You were there with inspiration and help and that means a lot to me, you have no idea how much you changed my life and I am a witness and living proof that my kind and wise friend was there to help not just me but others, so yes I thank you for taking me along and giving me the tools I need to be motivated!


Phitzee’s recipes have helped me a huge amount in showing me that eating healthy can be fun and enjoyable once you know what you are doing and expand your knowledge with cooking and food. 


I didn’t have know I would be able to indulge in so many of the foods I do now without feeding my body with crappy or processed ingredients. Your sweet recipes taste like they should be bad for you (in a good way haha) and every time I have them I am always amazed they are made with only wholesome and natural ingredients. I never thought that there could be sweet treats and desserts which are actually good for me until I came across your yummy instagram.