Phit Living is inspired by my own personal experience of bettering my health and wanting more out of life. 

Ever since being impacted by the mind blowing and transformative benefits of changing my lifestyle habits and adopting more of a plant based diet, all I've wanted to do is share my knowledge and journey. And THUS... Phit Living was born! 

My Story?

Okay, so you want to know a little more about me? In that case, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Philip, virtually known as @phitzee.

Well, I wasn’t always this healthy, fit, and informed human being you see now. I was actually a lot closer to the other end of the spectrum believe it or not, and for some of my fellow people that know or follow me now, that might be very hard to believe.

I was clueless for the majority of my life when it came to bettering my health and wellbeing. I had no idea as to why I was the way I was, why I looked the way I did, felt the way I did, or why my body reacted, behaved and functioned in the way it did.

I was overweight and my posture was dreadful, which in turn caused many dysfunctions, aches and pains throughout my body. I had frequent eczema flair ups and diet related issues including constipation, bloating and headaches. 

My eating was all over the place, day to day I would eat nothing but processed foods which made me feel dull and lifeless. I was far from active and spent way too much time sitting down playing video games. I worked out carelessly here and there without structure and would then wonder why my "moobs" weren't going away.

I was fed up of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, lacking confidence in myself, and so damn tired of wanting to make all these changes to my lifestyle but not knowing how to go about it. 

What Changed?

One day I finally had enough, so I set out on a mission to learn everything I could about health, wellness, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. But let me tell you, it was like throwing a tiny gold fish into the vast ocean and expecting it to know how to fend for itself.

I would have 4758 tabs open, all on different topics, which took me round in circles, confusing and overwhelming me more than I was previously, leading to even more frustration.

I knew I wanted to make the changes to better myself, but how!?

So reluctantly, after learning some valuable lessons, I knew I couldn’t tackle everything at once, I had to go back to basics and start from what I discovered to be the greatest starting point of them all… your plate!

The food that was on my plate was at the heart of it all, it is what triggered the start of this viscous cycle, and to think that this is literally the ONE thing I actually had the most control over blew my mind.

I instantly knew this is where my journey of bettering myself needed to begin.  Why? Because once you start to change and improve what's on your plate, you slowly start to make other positive and healthy changes to your lifestyle elsewhere. Everything naturally follows...

I wasn’t ready to become the best physical version of myself, or to work on myself emotionally and spiritually until I started changing my relationship with food. I truly believe that until you change what you are putting into your body, you will find it hard thrive elsewhere as this impacts your lifestyle on every single level.

You can't learn how to run, before you learn how to walk right!?

I then set out on another mission to find out what foods would fuel me the best and benefit me the most on a deep cellular level. Here is where I discovered the world of plant based nutrition and thank goodness for that!

Before I knew it, I learnt that over half of the food I was eating was doing me more harm than good. It was the cause of the majority of the problems and struggles I had initially. And not just me, personally, but also to the needless suffering and destruction of the planet and other living, innocent beings. Things I didn't want to be a part of after finding out more about it all and how what I was eating was contributing to that.

I eventually came to an understanding that what we put in our mouth is only a catalyst for progressive growth in all other areas of life. So I started to refine things from there, and the more you "refine" that, the more you get interested in all the other areas, because you gradually gain a higher sense of vitality, you naturally feel like going out and moving your body since you have so much energy, so the fitness side of things will effortlessly follow.

Which lead me to a stage where I thought "Wow my body feels good inside and out, I'm feeling super fit and I really am taking care of it this way" and then I started wondering "How do I tend to my spirit, emotions and thoughts?" So I openly began exploring the world of mindfulness and started to find out what "meditation" and being "mindful" meant to me.

Little by little, before I knew it, I was on a path to success. I was en route to THRIVING!

What's Happening Today? 

So here I am, in a place where I am extremely proud of how far I have come, the progress I have made and all that I have achieved.

This health journey of mine that I took into learning, improving and enhancing each aspect of myself, physically and mentally, step by step, has led me to be in a place that I never could have imagined.

Honestly, I’d never in a million years believe that I would end up living or feeling the way I do now, thriving on this way of life, or even being passionate about these topics.

I have discovered an incredible amount on this journey, and this is precisely the reason why I do what I do now. It's why I stay sharing my experiences and it is also why I stay striving for more, always learning all that I can from others and constantly levelling up in life!

My mission now, through my content, work, recipes and platforms, is to show people that taking control of your health, eating and lifestyle habits will not just give you the health and body you’ve always wanted, it will enable you to grow on all kinds of levels. It will have you feeling better than ever, helping you become more disciplined and confident, which will stream into all other areas of your life.

There are honestly an abundant amount of benefits to such changes. A journey like this can truly change your life for the better. It sure changed mine!

You can find out more about what's happening today and what's on offer through Phit Living HERE.