Custom Meal Plan

Whats On Offer? 

Get your nutrition on point with a custom eating plan designed to help you work towards your desired fitness goals while optimising your health and enjoying every single bite!

Meal Plan | £45.00

  • A tailored weekly meal plan to help you reach your goals in the healthiest way possible.
  • Optimal macro-nutrient/calorie distribution for YOU! 
  • Meal timing that fits your lifestyle, it’s up to you to decide if you want to eat 3 large meals a day plus snacks or 5 smaller ones.
  • Includes a shopping list and supplementation if required.
  • Based on healthy and nourishing whole foods, along with all your likes, dislikes and allergies taken into consideration.



Your body doesn’t what to do with fast, junk, and highly processed foods any better than a car knows what to do with Coca Cola in the gas tank. Proper nutrition is essential for human health.

In fact, it is so essential that without it the body is always in a state of deprivation. Trying to remain in a constant state of “balance” without proper nutrients for fuel puts a tremendous amount of strain on us, our organs and leads to cells not being able to function as they should. Now imagine how the body would function and flourish with it in abundance.

The most vital pillar to good health is to eat real food and plenty of it. The body requires food for fuel and without a variety of natural and wholesome food, which is made up of mostly plants and is minimally processed, it will not get far.

It all starts with whats on your plate!

Changing and cleaning up the vibration of what you are putting in your body is a portal to the soul (no "hippie-ness") and if you are intentional about that and really focus on trying to eat real foods as close to their natural state as possible, you will be on a transformative path, its a catalyst for progressive growth for all other areas in life from there.

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